Historic Restoration

Restoring historic residences requires specialized skill, creativity and vision.

I have lived in older homes and appreciate the quality and character of antebellum and early 20th century construction.” -Rodney Williams

Carter Williams has a well-earned reputation for incorporating modern conveniences into a design that still maintains the home’s historic integrity.

Restoring a historic structure demands a unique skill set- from carefully extracting failed components, tying old and new together seamlessly, to completing the project with extreme detail, and preparing it for rehabilitation.

This type of work requires great care and eye for detail. It also requires an experienced, talented craftsman that is difficult to find in today’s market place. Fortunately we have these resources available and look forward to every challenge an historic restoration brings.

Ampthill Estate circa 1835
Hennessy Way 1913
Libbie Avenue 1945
Church Hill 1900
Barton Heights 1
Barton Heights 2

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